Are you an entrepreneur or leader who feels frustrated, stuck or burnt out?

You are not alone.

What if I told you that you are feeling this way because the day-to-day role you play within your business is out of alignment with your innate gifts?

You NEED the results of the C.E.O. Conundrum Quiz!

This exclusive, high-impact assessment is designed for visionary leaders like you.

In just 3 minutes you will gain personalized insights that will reclaim your leadership effectiveness, make bolder decisions and propel your business forward.

How do you know you are in the C.E.O. Conundrum?

Have you ever felt any of the following?

  • "I have to play all the roles within my business"

  • "If I'm not doing it all, I don't deserve the success"

  • "I feel unsatisfied"

  • "I think about quitting all the time...and sometimes wonder why I even started"

  • "I feel misdirected, like I'm always going in multiple directions at once"

If you answered 'yes' to any of the above, your tailored quiz results are ready to transform your role!

This isn't your average quiz. It's a quick hit of insight for leaders like you.

Let’s shake things up!

In just 3 minutes, discover the role you’re truly meant to play in your business. Take this quick, enlightening quiz to unlock your leadership potential and thrive on your terms. Ready to lead with more passion and less stress? Take the Quiz Now and step into your true power!

How You Feel Now:

  • Frustrated, stuck, burnt out

  • Overwhelmed by the to-do list

  • Doubting yourself because you think you should be good at everything

  • Unsure where to begin with hiring help

How You'll Feel After The Quiz

  • Clear and aligned on your strengths

  • Focused on the tasks that you do best

  • Aware of blind spots

  • Clear about the roles needed to build a strong team

Is your role aligned with your business growth strategy?

As the leader in your business, when you are totally clear on your own role, you can then identify the other roles you need to grow.

If you are operating outside of your "zone of genius" that is likely the reason the business isn't growing!

Hey! I'm Kareen. I created this quiz to help you gain clarity on your zone of genius.

This is where I start with all of my 6- 7- 8-figure coaching clients.

It’s hard to stay in your own leadership lane if you don’t know what it is. The results of this quiz will help you instantly shift you from misdirected to aligned.

Why is it critical to be an aligned entrepreneur?

When you’re in alignment, you find yourself in a state of flow more often, making the monumental efforts of building a business more manageable and enjoyable.

When you’re not trying to play a role that you aren’t made to play, you have more energy, clarity and purpose in your work.

Acting from a place of alignment ensures you lead the people around you from a calm, confident space.

As a 6- 7- 8-figure executive leadership and entrepreneurship and coach for over 20 years, the heart of my practice is to create

aligned business owners.

The first step is solving the C.E.O. conundrum

Being an "aligned business owner" means your business activities, goals, and practices are in harmony with your core values, personal beliefs, and life goals, leading to a more fulfilling and sustainable approach to entrepreneurship.

  • Business practices that you can be proud of

  • Remain motivated and committed, even during challenging times

  • Foster a positive organizational culture

  • Business thrives without compromising personal health

  • Authenticity in branding and communication

  • Trusting your intuition and inner guidance

  • Innovative and deeply satisfying business outcomes

  • Strength and resilience

Do you wish you had these feelings?

Instead, do you find yourself feeling stuck, frustrated, maybe even angry?

Running a business can be isolating, and finding emotional support, understanding, and encouragement during tough times can be difficult.

Having a trusted advisor and a community to discuss concerns and fears confidentially can be invaluable.

As a member, these are just a few of the benefits you will enjoy:

  • ASK KAREEN: Ask my Kareenbot questions and get answers in real-time. Powered by A.I. leveraging over 20 years of my personal coaching content.

  • ENTREPRENEUR IRL PROGRAM: This program is designed to get you unstuck and into aligned action. Daily texts, videos, journal prompts and more.

  • ON-DEMAND TRAINING: Access to video guided courses and trainings with companion workbooks.

  • COMMUNITY: Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs on a journey just like yours. Creating spaces for vulnerability, knowledge-sharing and fostering genuine connection.

On-Demand Training

Access to video courses and trainings with companion workbooks such.


Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs on a journey just like yours. Creating spaces for vulnerability, knowledge-sharing and fostering genuine connection.

Entrepreneur IRL Program

This program is designed to get you unstuck and into aligned action. Daily texts, videos, journal prompts and more.

Ask Kareen

Ask my Kareenbot questions via text or phone call and get answers in real-time. Powered by A.I. and over 20 years of my personal coaching content.

Meet Kareen Walsh

As a serial entrepreneur, executive coach, seven-figure business builder, start-up advisor, and author, my experience has made me an expert in growth acceleration. But the number one barrier to growth, I’ve found, is lack of internal alignment.

In 2017, I had the realization that I was creating the barriers of growth on my business because I was not leveraging my zone of genius. I was getting in my own way with limited beliefs around what was possible. While I started the year off with the goal to earn 7-figures in my business, once I got out of my own way I was able to do it in less than 6 months.

That’s why I created my signature EVOLVE methodology, which helps ambitious self-starters clarify their vision, get out of their own way, and create a framework for lasting and scalable success.

Every day I help executives and entrepreneurs to leverage all my 20 years of professional experience using the same foundational skills and insights that attracted my trillion-dollar clients and launched numerous successful businesses.

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